SeaPort Enhanced Multiple Award Contract

SeaPort-e extends the Navy’s Seapower 21 objectives to increase efficiency, and allow for tailoring services according to the needs of geographically dispersed organizations with significantly diverse product area requirements and missions.

Photo: U.S. Navy

Photo: U.S. Navy

Task Orders

Individual Task Orders will be posted as they are awarded.

Team Members

BluestoneLogic’s team is comprised of the following companies:

Barbaricum, LLC

Barbaricum supports its clients with Communications, Technology-Enabled Services, Research and Analysis, Cyber Security/OSINT, and International Development endeavors. Barbaricum is committed to its client’s value, mission support and technical solutions.

Geocent, LLC

Geocent focuses on providing technologic and engineering solutions that help clients continuously improve performance while meeting their goals.


SimVentions provides customers with systems engineering, software engineering, cybersecurity engineering, program management, training, modeling and simulation, and custom solutions for any challenge.

Tactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc

Tactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc., known as TEA, provides solid infrastructure and technical prowess with all ship platforms. TEA’s experience in developing innovative Web-based solutions focuses on supporting e-Business implementations.

Quality Assurance Program

BluestoneLogic has established quality processes into our day-to-day operations. We are ISO 9000:2008 certified, proving that we have structured our systems design and software development with a standard set of best practices. These guide our team through project management tasks, engineering activities, and support activities (such as configuration management, quality assurance, and collecting and analyzing goal-driven metrics.)

The four basic components of our project quality assurance programs are: (1) a tailored Quality Process based on our organizational CMMI standard process; (2) independent quality reviews targeting both internal and external work products; (3) a Quality Assurance Plan tailored to meet the requirements of the specific SOW and other customer needs; and (4) a toolset that supports our processes.

BluestoneLogic is committed to maintaining accounting and management standards that comply with all government standards, practices and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31 (Contract Cost Principles and Procedures) and that foster efficiency, accuracy, and precision. BluestoneLogic strives to provide the best quality products and services to its customers at a reasonable and fair price.

Point of Contact

For SeaPort-e Program Inquiries:

David Ahearn

For Customer Satisfaction Information:

David Ahearn